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Introducing our New, Breakthrough Technology

This is a futuristic era of optical solutions.

This is the new age, where technology meets the bespoke.

This is a time where patients’ needs, seamless logistics and efficient customer service become one.

Picture it: a device that uses 45 million reference points with 9 cameras to generate one single snapshot. Can you imagine what this creates? For most, the answer is no. But, when comparing the Visufit 1000 to previous models, which were created with only a handful of reference points and cameras, the idea that this is revolutionary technology becomes clear.

What is the Zeiss Visufit 1000?

The device has 9 cameras which take a 3D profile of how your spectacles sit on your face. This allows the device to create a model of entirely individualised lenses for that specific patient. This allows the patient to know exactly what the final product of their glasses would be; a luxury that has not been offered before. This is because the script, as well as the tint and other add-ons, can dramatically change the final outcome of the spectacles’ appearance.

This is the Zeiss Visufit 1000, where bespoke lenses and frames become one single service under the Oxia Optical roof. With this device in our arsenal, we are able manage patients' expectations of their glasses entirely.

As always, Oxia Optical is committed to bringing you the latest cutting-edge technology, and this year we are taking this promise to the next level. We are one of a handful of optical stores nationwide to own the Zeiss Visufit 1000; a new device which is changing the status of optical services. The Visufit 1000 boasts an array of features which tailor your opticals to suit your specific eyecare needs, thus providing you with a unique, thumbprint lens with the click of a button.

Above this, the use of the Visufit 1000 is part of a complementary service included in the price of our appointments.

Book your consultation now and join us as we enter the future of ophthalmic optics.


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