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Multifocal Lens Surgery

Multi-focal Lens Surgery

Oxia Optical can do referrals to an Ophthalmologist for Multifocal and Trifocal Lens Implants in Cape Town, South Africa thanks to our close working relationship with Dr. Zoran Aleksic.

What is Multifocal Lens Surgery?​


Multifocal or Trifocal Lens Surgery, which is also sometimes referred to as Clear Lens Extraction, is a medical procedure in which the lens of the eye is removed and replaced with an artificial lens. This is done to improve vision and the medical process used to do this is similar in many regards to Cataract surgery. 


The Trifocal Lenses used in the procedure are the most advanced intraocular lenses (IOLs) available anywhere in the world and will provide clear seamless vision for close, intermediate and even far distances. Multifocal Lens Surgery allows the patient a high degree of independence from glasses and is perfect for people who enjoy an active active lifestyle.


How Do I Get a Multifocal Lens Surgery Referral?

You can either book an eye test at Oxia Optical with our resident Optometrist Rianda Gilliland B.Optom (UFS) and request an ophthalmological referral or alternatively you can visit Dr. Zoran Aleksic’s Eye Surgery Website for more information.

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