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Most corneal injuries are preventable with protective glasses and proper precautions when dealing with hazardous substances, however accidents do happen and in some instances corneal damage can be hereditary.


Keratoconus is a hereditary disease which results in an irregularly shaped cornea which can be corrected via a surgical procedure known as a Corneal Graft. Eye injuries can also occur both at home or in the workplace and can be caused by any sharp objects as well as fireworks, exploding batteries and toxic chemicals (most specifically alkalis). Additionally, in some extreme cases bacterial, fungal or viral infections can result in corneal damage and ulceration.


Corneal Graft - Our Recommended Ophthalmologist!


A Corneal Graft can only be performed by an Ophthalmologist, and we have partnered with one of Cape Town’s best - Dr. Zoran Aleksic!


Please visit his eye surgery website to book an appointment or visit the Corneal Graft page on the same site to find out more about this procedure.

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