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Low Vision Eye Test

Multi-focal Lens Surgery

Low vision is a physical visual impairment which is not correctable by standard glasses, contact lenses, medicine or even surgery. People who suffer from Low Vision find that it interferes with their ability to perform many everyday activities. The causes of Low Vision are varied, but the most common causes are age-related macular degeneration, diabetes, and even glaucoma. Additionally, more serious reasons for Low Vision could be cancer of the eye, albinism, brain injury and even inherited eye disorders such as retinitis pigmentosa.


What Are The Symptoms of Low Vision?


The Symptoms of Low Vision are many and varied, with the most common being:


  • Loss of central vision.

  • Night blindness.

  • Loss of peripheral vision.

  • Blurred vision.

  • Hazy vision


Low Vision Eye Examinations


The Low Vision Examinations which we perform at Oxia Optical are very different from the normal eye exam we give. This Low Vision Eye Test is used to determine how the visual impairment affects your daily life and is often done in conjunction with a referral to an ophthalmologist after the Eye Examination and Test has been completed. We work closely with Dr. Zoran Aleksic FCS (SA) Ophth, one of Cape Town's top Ophthalmologists, to ensure that you only get the very best eye care treatment from start to finish.


Please contact us or visit our eye test booking page on this site to find out more or to make your eye test booking. Alternatively, if you already have a pre diagnosed Low Vision Condition you can contact  Dr. Zoran Aleksic’s eye surgery directly using the contact details on his website.

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