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Spectacle Lenses from Oxia Optical

Multi-focal Lens Surgery

We test for and prescribe Spectacle Lenses which will always be unique to your eye care and optometry needs! Spectacle Lenses are used to treat numerous refractive errors of the eye and provide a solution for vision impairments while also being seen as fashionable accessories when combined with the latest in fashion eyewear and frames. We work with some of the country's most skilled eyeglass technicians to sculpt Prescription Lenses which are not only right for your specific eye disorder needs, but also so that they fit perfectly into the spectacle frames or sunglasses of your choice.


Please note that we also offer a wide range of tints and coatings which are available on all of our Prescription Spectacle Lenses. These Spectacle Tints and Coatings include:


  • Hard coats (standard on multifocal lenses

  • UV protection (standard on multifocal lenses)

  • Anti-reflection (ARC)

  • Multi-coat (anti-static and hydrophobic)

  • Colour tints (in various shades)


Contact Us About Your Spectacle Lens Needs


No matter if it's to provide you with a second pair of glasses or to update your look with a pair of new fashionable sunglasses with prescription lenses, we at Oxia Optical are here to assist you in any way we can. Please note however that if you do not have a current Spectacle Lens Prescription, or think that you might need a new one, please don’t hesitate to contact us or to book an eye test at our Practise in Sea Point, Cape Town so that we can assist you with prescribing the right Spectacle Lenses for your eyecare needs.

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