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Cataract Eye Surgery


What is a Cataract?


An eye lens is made up of in the most part by water and protein, and a cataract forms when the protein builds up and no longer allows light to pass through the lens and focus on the retina. This causes a cloud in an area of the lens and is known as a cataract, which can grow over time. 


Cataract Surgery ApprovaL

Because Cataracts need to be removed using advanced, but commonplace, surgical procedures all Cataract Surgery needs to be performed by a medical doctor who specialises in surgical treatments of the eye called an Ophthalmologist. We can either refer you to  Dr. Zoran Aleksic after we have performed an eye test and confirmed the presence of cataracts, or you can visit his website and make an appointment to see him at his eye surgery in Sea Point, Cape Town.

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